Bài viết 02/2017

Condoms to fight climate change
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 The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has pledged distribution of free condoms and other contraceptives linking its family planning advocacy to climate change for the first time.   In a report, UNFPA said for every one billion rise in the world's population, greenhouse gas emissions increase by one to two billion tonnes. Critics argue other factors like consumption levels matter more than population.   
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The Lao Textiles
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As a child, Carol Cassidy loved to rummage through "all of those old clothes" in her grandmother's attic. Her grandmother was a tailor who lived in an old Woodbury, Connecticut, home built in the 18th century. One wonders if, back then, Carol ever imagined that as an adult she would be creating intricate textiles for London art collectors, New York designers, museum curators and Thai royalty. Today her showroom/studio is located in an early 20th century, French colonial home juxtaposed by a white picket fence on a partially paved, pot-hole ridden street halfway around the world in...
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History and Geography Comprising an area of 181,035 square kilometres, the Kingdom of Cambodia was part of the ancient kingdom of Funan. Today it comprises four cities (the capital, Phnom Penh, plus Pailin, Sihanoukville and Kep) and 20 provinces.  The Mekong river, which flows through the country, and the Tonle Sap (Great Lake) are the lifeline of the people who live along the waterways. The Tonle Sap is one of the richest sources of freshwater fish in the world.  There are three main mountain ranges, namely the Cardamom mountains in the southwest, the Dangkrek mountains in...
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