Bài viết 04/2017

Songkhran and other Thai festivals
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I cringe when I see a foreign male wearing only brief shorts—not even a singlet—walking along the city streets as if he were by the pool; I have never seen a woman do this in a swimsuit. On the streets the Thais pay little attention. They are used to I insensitive visitors and besides, Buddhist philosophy teaches them my pen rai—or "never mind." Government officials, however, and particularly immigration officials, will send such people away, telling them to dress properly.   Dressing properly is obvious to I most visitors, but consider the wai, that graceful Thai gesture...
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Famous delicious dishes around the world
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1 - Edo-mae zushi in Tokyo   Sushi is always at the top of the list of famous dishes to try while traveling in Japan. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a city famous for the Edo-mae zushi or also known as Sushi. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, do not forget to enjoy the sushi on the conveyor to sushi restaurants in Tokyo - a really interesting experience.   2 - French Seafood Soup   This is the typical fish-based seafood soup of France. Seafood is often served seasonally with a sauce made from chilies, garlic and olive oil. Accompanied with this Bouillabaisse is toast with...
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Typical old villages in Vietnam
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The old villages below bearing a picturesque and romantic beauty have become ideal destinations for many tourists.   1. Duong Lam, Hanoi   Located on the banks of the Red River, the ancient village of Duong Lam has several red-tiled roofs, unique laterite walls, wells, that can bring tourists into a beautiful nostalgic memory of northern villages before.   Duong Lam is considered the oldest village in the north, where there are still about 900 traditional houses dating from the 16th century, scattered in the villages of Dong Sang, Cam Thinh, Mong Phu...   The village has a closed...
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